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Thailand Needs to Resuscitate the Golden Goose

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thailand's need to resuscitate the Golden Goose and that Golden Goose is Tourism. We need it back, we need it back bad. I am praying with all my soul that we see the end of Thailand Pass sooner rather than later. Hopefully we will scrap the insurance requirements as well because Cambodia and Vietnam have already done that. It is my understanding, their Thailand Pass like system has either been fully scrapped or is so truncated compared to Thailand's that it is not even really comparable in an apples to apples terms.

The point I am trying to get at with respect to this is these things are hurting I think, the Thai Tourism Sector. The Thai Tourism Sector was prior to quarter one of 2020 roughly 20% of overall GDP in Thailand. We need to get ahead of this now and realize that people book their tourism travels, especially Westerners, Farang, if you want to call them that, Western tourists book their travels right about now for the winter, for Christmas or New Year's here in Thailand. Even in the United States, Thanksgiving; Canada too for that matter, Thanksgiving. So people book over those holidays but they are going to want to book their tickets now and if things look a little bit difficult or kind of Byzantine to navigate, those folks might look elsewhere. They might say "Well we won't go to Thailand this year. We will look over at this other country and maybe go over there." 

So I definitely think it is really time and I mean this is serious. I am not making these videos like this because I am just wanting to put my opinion out there precisely. I don't think the urgency is quite appreciated with "we need to do this yesterday"! These rules and this kind of bureaucracy that folks have to deal with to get into Thailand, it just needs to end so that we can get tourism back to where it needs to be in Thailand and we can restore hopefully that 20% of GDP.