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Thailand Pass: MORE Documents Required than Certificate of Entry (COE)?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the so-called Thailand Pass and the Certificates of Entry, (COE). Now this video, let's be clear, we are sitting here at the end of October. We are kind of in a seam if you will between two systems.

The COE system ostensibly is not going to continue to be used. The Thailand Pass is supposed to begin being rolled out in full usage November 1, 2021 but something that I have seen over the course of the last week or so, I was actually talking about this with one of the Attorneys that heads up our Immigration Division here in the office today. We were talking about, we had a client that was getting ready to come in. We were dealing with the COE, we had everything in process. The COE was rejected because they wanted more documentation and the documentation pertained to what is coming online associated with the Thailand Pass. I asked my colleague I said "so are you telling me there is more documentation for the Thailand Pass than there was for COE?" She said "yeah basically". Now again we are sitting here to time when we have yet to see this fully shake out so understand the context of where we are at here both in terms of timing and what is going on out there.

But the thing to take away from this video is there has been a lot out there especially in the media that the Thailand Pass I think it is billed in certain circles as kind of an afterthought, don't even worry about it. It has been our experience, and we have been dealing with COEs since the beginning literally; one of my folks here in the office got one of like the first couple, the first three from what we were told, so we have been dealing with this since the beginning of the COE system. The Thailand Pass doesn't look qualitatively that much different. There are certain aspects of it that are more streamlined but it is looking to us like at least at present, there is actually going to be more documentation associated with the Thailand Pass then the COE. Now, the bright side of all of this is it is associated with a process that has no quarantine for those who come in and test negative and are fully vaccinated and come into Thailand. So those folks coming through you are going to deal with, "no quarantine" is a bit of a misnomer, you got to deal with one night as long as you test negative all throughout the hoops you have to jump through for lack of a better term but it is associated with a much less cumbersome overall process to gain free access to Thailand. So I don't want to just throw the Thailand Pass under the bus or just sound overly negative. It is just at the time of this video, it is looking like one we did another video on this, the Thailand Pass didn't look all that dissimilar to the COE; it is looking more and more like maybe the Thailand Pass actually has a few added requirements the COE itself didn't have.