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"Thailand Plus" and Thai Visas: What If I Don't Have a Smart Phone?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the "Thailand Plus" app. As has been noted in prior videos made contemporaneously with this one, we are discussing "Thailand Plus" because it is a so-called contact tracing app. It is a tracking app that utilizes GPS to track foreign nationals that have come to Thailand. Currently it appears to only explicitly apply to tourists although as I have noted in other videos, I think the fact that it is inextricably linked if you will to a Certificate of Entry, it may and I stress "may" but I think it is safe to presume this, it may be required for all Non-immigrant visas.  

A question that I have had come up in the time of just making these videos is, "What if I don't have a Smart Phone? This app has to be utilized on a Smart Phone". Well good question. I presume that there are probably going to be secondary processes put in place to deal with that set of circumstances but long story short, it may end up being a de facto requirement that one have a Smart Phone in order to process through one of these cases because I can see circumstances where they say "Look, in order to issue a Certificate of Entry we have got to get you into this app and you need a Smart Phone to do that. If you don't have it we can't put you in a Certificate of Entry and therefore we can't get you a Visa and therefore you can't get into Thailand. 

So long story short, I think it is safe to presume if you want to come to Thailand and they are going to ultimately bring this protocol online where you are required to have this "Thailand Plus" app, it may result in a situation where you are effectively required to have a Smart Phone to travel in to the Kingdom of Thailand.