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Thailand Plus Contact Tracing App Required for all Foreigners?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thailand Plus Contact Tracing App or contact tracking app. Basically we have discussed this at length in other videos. It now appears and we have seen this as some of the legal staff that works here in the office that have been assisting clients in getting their Thai Visas and Certificates of Entry issued abroad they have been dealing with this Thailand Plus issue rather frequently here in recent weeks. So it now appears that it is a requirement to download this Contact Tracing App for foreigners who are coming into Thailand, download it onto their smartphones and this is part and parcel with getting a COE, a Certificate of Entry as well as a Visa. Then when you arrive in Thailand you go into Alternative State Quarantine. Then presumably those that have the app on their smartphone are then traced thereafter.  

Now the practical implications of this I am not really going to get into. I am just going to talk about this simply from the standpoint of Thai Immigration. From the standpoint of Thai Immigration, we are basically talking about a situation where it is now essentially a requirement to be able to obtain travel documentation for foreign nationals to be able to come into Thailand. 

We will certainly be keeping folks updated on these developments as the situation progresses but the thing to take away from this video is "Yeah it now appears that at least for the Alternative State Quarantine period, and a little bit after, one is going to be subject to this contact tracing application for that at least brief time period associated with initial arrival here in Thailand.