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Thailand Plus Contact Tracing App Unavailable?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thailand Plus Contact Tracing App. We have done other videos on this channel. This is basically an app that is being put on folks' smartphone, especially those coming into Thailand from abroad to trace and track their whereabouts for purposes of monitoring them, at least based on the COVID-19 response that is the ostensible reason at this time.

The reason for this video was a recent comment on our channel, quoting directly: "Thailand Plus App keeps crashing. I suspect it is related to Android version; mine is 8 and can't be updated further." So it seems that some folks are having issues with that. It appears that it may not be necessarily available for certain people who are looking to utilize that app. That could prove problematic for those entering Thailand as generally speaking Immigration Authorities want folks to go ahead and download that app so that they can be monitored associated with all of these travel restrictions, at least for the initial few weeks that they are here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

That being said, this may be working for some folks and it may not be working for others. We are certainly open to feedback. If anybody can provide that in the comments, we are always happy to hear that. For now it looks like it is working. We actually checked on this and it seemed to be working but I have seen multiple reports throughout the past couple of months with people saying they have had issues with it. We will keep you updated on this channel as that situation evolves.