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Thailand's New E-Visa Portal

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing this new e-visa portal associated with the processing of Thai Visas. For those who are unaware, as of, I believe February 18th, 2021, at least in the United States and many Embassies around the world, Thai Embassies are now going to be processing Visa applications through this Visa portal at

We will go ahead and throw this up on screen; just the home page so you can see it. A viewer of our channel, recently wrote me this email just bringing this to my attention. We were aware of it. This was queued up for a video but he brought up some good insights and I want to quote this. Quoting directly: "Dear Ben, Here is a link below to the new Visa system. For many like myself who are older and retired, many are not capable of dealing with these websites. In the past, it was somewhat easy doing everything by mail; with this do I not know where to start or even understand how we receive our visas either by mail or whatever." Good question. 

I am not going to drill too deep into this video. This video is mostly for just explanatory purposes. There is this new portal. We are still getting used to it. I will say having had experience with the VFS system, having had experience with US Travel Docs in the United States Immigration context, I am not the biggest fan of this digitization of the process. It is usually my opinion that the addition of these digital portals only add more issues than it subtracts. That said, we will make other videos and we will keep you updated on this situation.