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Is There an "Invisible Retiree" Visa in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the notion of an "invisible retiree" visa. I recently got a comment on our channel and it said "What about the invisible retiree Visa "O"? I appreciate your daily videos." 

I think what this person means when they say what about the "invisible retiree" visa, well as we have discussed in numerous other videos on this channel but it is good to reiterate stuff, but there is a difference between an O Retirement Visa, specifically an extension in Thailand under O Retirement as opposed to O-A Retirement. We have discussed this at length in other videos but long story short, 0-A clearly requires for example insurance coverage, whereas the O Retirement extension just doesn't require it. Now that said, that is issued under the auspices of the Interior Ministry here in Thailand by Royal Thai Immigration here. It is not issued abroad although it may be possible to obtain a Certificate of Entry to re-enter Thailand on one's O Retirement Visa extension. However, as we have noted in other videos, Insurance might thereby be required part and parcel with the Certificate of Entry. 

So the thing to take away from this video is in a sense I see what they are saying. The invisible retiree is the retiree that doesn't have nearly the requirements of the other retirement category; the other Retirement category being the O-A Visa or for example, the O-X Visa. The O Retirement Visa still requires money in the bank but insurance is not incumbent on those extending in O retirement status. Presumably that will remain the same moving forward. That said as I have noted in other videos, they could change the regulations and consolidate everything and those folks are out in the cold. I doubt it but it could happen. 

Long story short, I kind of like the term. That is why I made this video. The notion of the "invisible retirement" Visa or the "invisible retiree" being in this O retirement status.