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Tracking Bracelets for Tourists in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing yet again actually, we were talking about this probably 6 months ago maybe 7 months ago, but the notion of tracking devices, tracking bracelets for tourists in Thailand.

A recent article from Thai Visa,, but they are quoting and translating Thai Rath, and again hats off to those folks, we really appreciate your help over there. I am just going to quote a little bit of this, there is a lot in here. Again the article is titled: Tourists to Thailand to Wear Tracking Devices. That is Quoting directly: "Tourists in Phuket who arrive on yachts will be required to wear a smart wristband to monitor them. The high-tech device will enable something called "Digital Yacht quarantine" to become a reality and kick start the process of rescuing Phuket tourism." So there is a lot more in that video. I think what the Thai Visa folks are trying to point out and something that I would want to point out to, the same thing I was talking about 6 or 7 months ago, on this notion of these tracking devices and things, let's just everybody take a deep breath on this stuff.  There are ways of dealing with this without going totally Orwellian. I can understand different circumstances may require different methodologies. Reasonable people can disagree on stuff but before we just rush headlong into these very eerie methods, let's just take a step back and see, "Is it really necessary based on the overall situation?" Again I don't really like injecting opinion into these when I am just talking about news, upcoming news regarding travel, or rules and things in Thailand. I have tried to stay out of the overall commentary on notions of Certificates of Entry, or Vaccination Passports. I am just trying to get the information out there so people can try to make their travel arrangements or lifestyle arrangements in such a way that best suits them. That is really the point of this channel. 

Every once in a while like with this tracking thing, and they brought this up before, like I said, 6 or 7 months ago and I said the same thing at that time and I am going to say it again. Let's everybody just take a breath and assess the situation and decide if we really need to be putting tracking, monitoring bracelets on people over this whole thing. I think it is a good idea to go ahead and do that before implementing something like this because the ramifications of this are pretty substantial and they should not be overlooked when making these decisions in a perspective manner.