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Is the Travel Situation for Thailand "Still Fluid"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the travel situation to the Kingdom of Thailand.

I have had people asking me in recent weeks what I think of the prospects for traveling to Thailand. What do I think of the overall situation?

In a recent article from, the article is titled: Thailand to see more visitors, “signal” for reopening - tourism chief and that Tourism Chief is Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Yuthasak Supasorn. Quoting directly from that article, and the reason I am quoting this article is people have asked me and when I read this I thought it just summed up the way I think the things posture the situation as far as travel to Thailand as at this time. Quoting directly from the TAT Chief: "But the situation is very fluid" he said and dependent on global infections and vaccine access. One private tourism group expects up to 10 million foreign tourists next year and hopes Thailand will open up more and remove quarantine requirements, and a quote within this document: "our customers are ready to travel and agents are ready but our country is not open said Chairat Triratanajaraspon President of the Tourism Council of Thailand." So that is from both the TAT and the Tourism Council. 

I mean clearly the situation is what it is. It has eased a little bit definitely compared to a few months ago, even weeks ago as of the time of this video. Presumably it will ease more but it seems to be dependent on a lot of different circumstances not least of which is government policy and what they decide to do at a policy level. 

So long story short, people ask me what I think of the overall situation. It is "fluid" and I think that that is the best way to describe the travel situation to the Kingdom of Thailand.