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Types of Thai Visa: The Category (B) Business Visa

Transcript of the above video:

This video today is going to come as something of a review for many of the viewers to the channel; the longtime subscribers. They may be scratching their heads saying “Why are you making this video? It is pretty basic stuff!” Well I have had a lot of inquiries, I have had a lot of emails and had a lot of folks comment to me that “Hey!  -You talk a lot in depth on some of this stuff, or you talk specific details but you don't really get into the basics. You don't you don't really sort of breakdown what exactly is a Visa which is the topic of this video. 

So a B Visa is a Business Visa for Thailand. It can be issued for a number of different reasons. Doing business here, exploring business options here, undertaking a job here, teaching in Thailand; pretty much anything that requires work authorization would likely have a B Visa as a platform. Basically employment based business undertakings, these types of things are generally the underlying reason for the issuance of a B Visa or a Business Visa

Different Consulates and different Embassies around the world have slightly different criteria under which they issue visas and by criteria I mean the evidentiary criteria; the supporting documentation may shift a little bit from post to post. Here in Thailand it is possible to extend one's status within the Kingdom in B Visa status depending on the circumstances and you can basically remain in Thailand, generally in one year intervals for a prolonged period of time in Non-immigrant business visa extension status. Please note that there are subcategories of different types of B visas and so for example a B Visa issued in conjunction with BOI may have sort of different connotations associated with it when compared to a B Visa issued in conjunction with just a standard small business here in Thailand. So things are going to be slightly different depending on the specific purposes of your trip to Thailand. 

In order to sort of provide some clarity to folks that have pointed out that some of the basics haven't been covered, I am hoping this video will go ahead and provide that clarity. A B Visa is a business-related visa; it may involve work authorization, it may not, depending on the circumstances of one's case but strictly speaking the B Visa is issued to those who wish to undertake business here in the Kingdom of Thailand.