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Update on Immigration Checkpoint Procedures in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing procedures associated with lawful admission to the Kingdom of Thailand during this unfortunate series of travel restrictions we have been dealing with here these past few months

A lot of folks have been giving us feedback; clients that we have assisted in facilitating admission to Thailand as well as other folks who are viewers of this channel as well as other folks who just send me random emails frankly. I think they are mostly viewers but we also have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn elsewhere, Twitter and folks do give us feedback from time to time. 

Some recent feedback regarding entry to Thailand from one source and I am quoting: "Once you land in Bangkok, you should take out only those docs that will be vetted during the final four Health Disease Immigration checkpoints. I suggest putting these documents into a secure large sheet protector. I saw a few passengers dropping their docs as they fumbled with bags at checkpoints; Certificate of Entry,T8 doc; that is T8 document; we have discussed that, that is a health document that needs to be dealt with by the airline but it is handed out and it is dealt with also by the individual looking to enter Thailand, that is the T8 document which you can get ahead of time but will also be given to you by flight attendants; arrival departure card which is also given you by flight attendants; boarding pass; "fit to fly" certification; COVID-19 test results. 

So long story short, you need to have all this documentation. You need to have it ready to go and you need to go ahead and have it with you to go ahead and enter Thailand. So you need to have it on hand. I would have it in like a package, probably a plastic sealable package that you carry with you on the plane and then when you come through Immigration they are going to put you through the health and safety protocols, they are also going to admit you through Immigration and you are going to want all this documentation on hand readily available. 

As we have discussed in other videos on this channel, it is a good idea to have multiple copies of documentation if possible. This is especially a good idea for connections. We found the connections can be a real sticking point. So when you are coming through for example Japan, Korea or Singapore that the connection flight can actually prove to be something of an obstacle and documentation, especially copies are good to have. We have been told by various clients three or four copies are optimal. I think it is good to think that four, everything in quadruplicate just for good measure to be on the safe side, to have all the documents you need in order to transition through a layover, a connection through another city and ultimately admission into the Kingdom of Thailand.