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Update on Thai Visas Expiring Outside of Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

I am making this video today because I have gotten a lot of inquiries on this. Just generally it seems people aren’t really up to date on where this stands. We have done other videos on this channel discussing this topic specifically but long story short, I still get questions from folks regarding Thai visas that expire while they are abroad and they seem to be under some misconception so I am just going to go ahead and make this video as a roundup of what is going on with respect to that.

Long story short, if you have a Non-Immigrant Visa for example an O, an O-A, a Business Visa, Education Visa, you could have a Tourist Visa that you went abroad with a re-entry permit and it expired while this COVID situation cropped up, what happens to you? Well long story short, your Visa has expired. It has affirmatively expired. There is really no remedy for that so what do you do? Well you have to go back through the process of getting either a similar visa or you could get the exact same category and come back into Thailand. So you have to apply abroad for a new visa. It could be in the same category of visa you had before and yes you are starting from scratch; you are starting from square one and yes that is very unfortunate. My heart does go out. I do understand people are in a bad situation out there that ended up just through no fault of their own, they were just abroad and then this response to COVID globally came up. Travel became very cumbersome if not impossible. Return to Thailand was not particularly easy or it might have been impossible and your Visa expired. 

Long story short, you are going to have to rectify that generally speaking by getting a Thai Visa at a relevant Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate with Consular jurisdiction over your location, process that through presumably along with a Certificate of Entry and various other documentation in order to return to Thailand.