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Updates Regarding Thailand Pass and Immigration

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thailand Pass and Thai Immigration issues. I got to thinking about this okay, we have already discussed this in a video we put up prior to this one where it looks like now no more PCR testing is going to be required as of April 1 for those looking to come into Thailand which then sort of begs the question, "well what about Thailand Pass and all the other requirements?" Just because there is not a PCR test required, does not mean Thailand Pass is gone. That appears to still be on the books; we are still going to be dealing with that, although and I am making a video contemporaneously with this one, we are going to discus, that is still is not going over real well among the various sectors of the Thai Economy that may or may not quite frankly gain some profit through the Tourism Industry. So I will get into that in another video but for now what we are talking about is, “what are the requirements?” 

So going back to the first of the year it is still basically we are back at what we were a year ago; okay it was Thailand Pass instead of Certificate of Entry. Now there is the "Test and Go" program but you are still required to do Thailand Pass. There was the requirement still is up until the end of March it will appear, that you are still going to have to do PCR testing but what about Thailand Pass? Well I thought about this when reading a recent article from the Pattaya Mail,, the article is titled: Tourists hoping to enter Thailand by land should maybe think again. Quoting directly: "Many foreigners in Thailand have wondered when land borders will re-open to facilitate Visa Runs and short visits to neighboring countries without the heavy cost of airfare. Until Thailand collapses the need for prior online approval of wannabe entrants, the Land Border opportunities will remain limited for most visitors as the documentation required is the same." Here is the point in a general sense for the viewers on this channel. "Entrants still need to apply in advance via the digital platform Thailand Pass by uploading several documents including vaccination status, proof of booking into a Thai hotel pending the result of an RT-PCR arrival test," (Now again that is apparently being pulled as of the beginning of April.) “the US$20,000 insurance requirement as well as personal documentation.” So basically what appears to be going away and again all of this is in a state of flux, but what appears to be going away as of the time of this video, what imminently appears to be going away, it is not going away apparently until April 1, is PCR testing prior to departure. You have still got to go through tests once you arrive in Thailand but prior to leaving your country of origin to get to Thailand it appears after April 1 of 2022, it will no longer be a requirement to have such a test and present such evidence.