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Vaccination Required for 90 Day Thai Immigration Reporting?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility of vaccination being required for 90-day reporting. The reason I came upon this was it was actually from a tweet someone sent me, emailed to me; we will put this up on screen the tweet comes: @Arthuristheboy and the byline is: A ball of confusion. The tweet states: "Koh Phangan Immigration is now asking this morning for proof of vaccination for 90 day reports and 60 day COVID extensions. If no proof no 60-day COVID extension... Still unclear what they intend to do if on valid 1 year extension of stay for retirement, marriage but not vaccinated." It goes on to put his own nuance on this, quoting directly: "Apparently the different Imms. (Immigration Offices) can set their own rules. I should have mentioned the KP (Koh Phangan) Immigration is asking for a COVID test or proof of vaccine. Still either way this will be fun. Imagine getting a positive test but asymptomatic and having to go into temple quarantine here."

Yeah okay so the whole tweet sort of answers the question in the sense that NO, vaccination is not a requirement for 90 day reporting nor for that matter 60 day COVID extension which presumably are coming to the end at the end of this month. 

The point of this video, it does appear that now they are creating this choice which is being foisted on people, let's be clear, that they either have to get a COVID test or have proof of vaccine in order to go in and get their Immigration documentation sorted, for example 90-day reporting. 

Now the long story short with respect to this is NO 90 day reporting does not require a vaccination nor does extension as of the time of this video. Clearly new requirements are being imposed and I question the need for them and I have other videos I am making contemporaneously with this one where we get into that in detail. Yeah there are going to be some documentation requirements associated with being able to even enter the premises to undertake 90-day reporting at Immigration Offices here in the Kingdom of Thailand.