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What Is "Area Quarantine" in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video: 

Now, we have heard of Alternative State Quarantine, we have heard of State Quarantine, we have heard of Golf Quarantine, we have heard of Villa Quarantine, we have heard of plans to possibly shorten quarantine; we have got all kinds of quarantine here in Thailand, many different varieties, many different flavours. 

In a recent article from Thai Visa, that is, the article is titled: Russians and Indian High Spenders in the Plans as Thai Tourism Minister Halves 2021 Assessment. Candidly this doesn't so much have to do with the headline nor a lot of the bulk of this article. There is a lot of information actually in this article so I urge folks to go and check that out on To quote directly: "Pipat was upbeat talking to Thai Rath, that is who is being quoted by and we thank them for providing this translation, "about who these tourists might be promoting the new idea of "area quarantine" while a ministerial aid said about 5 million doses of vaccine are being sought to inspire confidence in main tourism hotspots like Pattaya and Phuket." Quoting further: "He was keen to hype up his "area quarantine" plans (AQ), saying it was much better than the "villa quarantine" that has already been started in Phuket. Under AQ, tourists would still quarantine for 14 days but they would only be under lockdown in their rooms for 3 days then they would be free to use the grounds of participating hotels for the remaining 11." 

There is a lot of opacity with respect to this notion of "area quarantine."  Hopefully in the coming days and weeks we will get some further definitions for the clarity on what exactly is being discussed here. We saw this being talked about especially in terms of Pattaya when the Mayor down there in Pattaya was discussing the notion of "area quarantine". I myself am kind of curious to see how this pans out. It remains to be seen and hopefully we can provide you an update in the relatively near future.

Long story short, it appears that Thailand is trying to come up with different novel ways of maintaining a quarantine while at the same time allowing folks a greater and greater degree of freedom while they are in this more constricted set of parameters associated with the response to COVID-19.