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What Is the Current Quarantine Period to Enter Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing quarantine in Thailand. 

I have had a lot of folks ask me "What is the current quarantine? I am reading a lot of things. I am reading about 10 days; I have even read some things about 7 days. Is it still 14 days?" 

Well as of the time of this video, it remains 14 days. That is the quarantine period. They were seriously talking about reducing it to 10. Apparently that did not come to fruition or it has yet to come to fruition as they did not make a final decision whether or not that needed to be reduced down to 10 days. 

So as of now, it remains 14 days in quarantine unless someone shows symptoms or is testing positive for Coronavirus toward the end of their stay. It could end up with one being quarantined even longer. But long story short, the quarantine period here in Thailand remains 14 days. 

We are certainly hoping it is lowered as time goes forward but that lowering of the quarantine time period remains to be seen as of the time of this video.