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What Hotels Are Available for Alternative State Quarantine in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Alternative State Quarantines, or ASQ hotels here in Thailand.

I recently found via, a list, a pretty exhaustive list and the heading of this is Thai LT, and it is quarantine hotels in Bangkok. This has a number of hotels listed. I can't go through them all as I would say there is probably a good 90 of them probably here, maybe 100. They also note hotels near Suvarnabhumi Airport near the outskirts of Bangkok, provinces surrounding Bangkok, quarantine in Pattaya.

It should be noted Alternative State Local Quarantine may or may not be available to you specifically depending on your nationality and you may need to deal with that on a case-specific basis. That stated, ASQ that is Alternative State Quarantine as opposed to ASLQ, Alternative State Local Quarantine, should be available to pretty much anybody here in Bangkok and the prices vary. I have had a lot of people ask me. One in here is noted for 35,000 Baht, one for 45,000 up to 137, 000 for the period of time you are undertaking your quarantine. 55,000, 43,000, 70,000, 39,000. There is a price differential here and so if you are looking for something more modestly priced or you are looking for something a little more high-end, I think that there is a facility to fit everyone's need here in Thailand. Now exactly which one is best versus the other ones I am not going to get into all that. We have had a lot of clients go through ASQ and I have had different, wildly different reviews of the same facility from different people so I am not going to bring up any names or anything with respect to specific facilities. Suffice it to say different people have found their experience to be wildly different compared to other people.

I think it will depend on your own situation how exactly this works out but I will state for purposes of this video that there is a wide price differential with respect to ASQ facilities so it looks like that there is something there priced to fit any budget.