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What If Quarantine Is Re-Extended While I'm In A Thai ASQ Hotel?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this videos of suggests, we are discussing the notion of re-extension of quarantine and what if that were to happen while one was in a quarantine hotel? A recent comment that was up on our channel, quoting directly: "I wonder what to think if they were in the middle of their 7-Day Q (they mean quarantine) and the Thai government changed back to the 14-day Q? Just saying.”

As we have noted in another video we make contemporaneously with this one, there is talk that as a result of the recent semi lockdown measures that quarantine itself might be reassessed. Again that remains to be seen but that said, it is not outside the realm of possibility certainly; I would say at least for now it is probably remote but it could happen. The question remains, what would happen if you were thinking you went in for 7 days and then poof, now it is 14 days? Well my answer, sitting here right this moment, I don't know. I suspect presumably they would say "hey you need to pay for another 7 days and you just have to hang out there." 

That said, again we probably are only going to know the answer to this question when the time comes or if the time comes I should say that they actually implement a policy change of that nature. That said we will try to keep you informed on this channel as the situation evolves so as to best plan for your trip to the Kingdom of Thailand.