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What's The Process To Get Into Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the process of getting into Thailand. 

We are going to go ahead and throw this up on the screen. This is from CAAT; that is the Aviation Authority of Thailand and these are the protocols for coming into Thailand. So pre-departure: Check whether you are one of the permitted categories; document prep; Embassy Consular processing etc. then Departure: passport, Certificate of Entry.  For those who are unaware, Certificate of Entry must be issued by an Embassy before you can come, even if you have a Visa already; Health Certification; Health insurance; then on the flights they are talking about mask wearing. There is various crew advice; Health requirements. There is also documentation that the airline has to file; we have noted that in a prior video we talk about the T8 document. Upon arrival there is COVID screening; there is a mobile app that you have to deal with; a 14-day local state quarantine and thereafter, once you process out and it is determined that you are in fact a person that is cleared of this disease, then you are processed down and on you go. 

So again, we are going to put that up again but this is from CAAT. This is the procedure and protocol for coming into Thailand. Now there are different categories and some categories are more easy to get than others when it comes to visas. It should also be noted that certain visa categories are not currently still allowed to come into Thailand. It is not sort of floodgates open. Yes there are certain types of Special Tourist Visas currently being adjudicated but at least for the time being, it is a rather truncated set of visa categories that is being provided admission to the Kingdom of Thailand.