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When Should I Buy Insurance for Embassy Processing of a Thai Visa?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing insurance. We are discussing the timing associated with insurance.

I am making this video because I have noticed a lot of folks in a lot of different contexts when we have been dealing with Thai visas and we have been dealing with the number of folks trying to get them into Thailand. We have been successful in many cases; we are still processing folks in other cases. It is something of a laborious process. It is definitely more complex than it once was. Dare I say it is more cumbersome than it ever has been in the past? It is quite a process that is fraught with complications or things that may come up that one doesn't think of in advance that could cause extra costs or it could just be generally detrimental to one's visa application if one doesn't process things with a certain kind of cadence, certain kind of timing if you will. It is very difficult for me to put this into words but basically "all the tumblers have to fall together". There is a kind of alchemy that we have been dealing with. The Thai lawyers who have been liaising with the Embassies and Consulates on behalf of many of our clients have sort of found that we get all this documentation in a certain time frame but it doesn't really all come together until it comes together. It is sort of like magic in a real sort of, I don't mean to sort of oversell how important it is, that is not my point, but it just sort of it isn't over until it all kind of comes together and BOOM you see a Certificate of Entry, a Thai Visa issued and you start making arrangements to deal with things like your "fit to fly" documentation. 

Long story short, the reason for this video is timing. People will contact me and they will say "well I have already gotten insurance". I have seen folks that don't have the right coverage for the type of Visa that they are seeking and it results in extra cost. So it may not be a terrible idea from a timing standpoint, to contact a legal professional first, gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed and then deal with the insurance as and when it is necessary. In certain cases, especially Business Visa cases that we have been dealing with here recently, it might not be necessary to deal with insurance for a little while. You may not need to put that cost out there, to outlay that money yet. You can hold on to that for a little bit of time before that insurance is urgently needed and then deal with it in an adjusted time way.

Now that will depend circumstantially from case to case, but long story short if you haven't bought insurance yet and you are thinking about getting a Thai Visa, it may not be a terrible idea to contact a legal professional before doing so as you may save yourself some time and headache by timing the purchase of insurance correctly.