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When Will Special Tourist Visas Be Available for Travel to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

The title of this video as it suggests, we are discussing “When will these new ‘special tourist visas’ be available? “

From a recent article in the Nation, that is, the article is titled: Cabinet Okays 9 Month Visas for Foreigners. I urge those watching this video to check out that article. There is a lot in there but specifically for the purposes of this video, we are discussing this specific quote which says "this measure will start from next month."  That is a direct quote. Now exactly when remains to be seen. They were talking about the "Phuket Model" being brought online in October. Then they said no that is not going to happen in October; they pushed it back. Then when they were discussing it again they said well maybe late October. I think it is relatively safe to presume this "special tourist visa" scheme probably will come online in a legal sense, at the end of October. That means as a practical matter, we are probably looking at visas being issued with respect to this type of Visa, I would presume no earlier than early maybe, but more likely middle to later November. Again a lot of speculation going on here but just based on my experience of dealing with the Immigration apparatus how long it takes to implement new rules, get people accustomed to the new guidelines, I think it is pretty safe to presume that well September we are already midway through, I don't see this happening in September. I think October probably not and when it does come online, yes it will be available but then one will have to start processing things. The rules for processing have to be put in place so they may pass a resolution through the Cabinet and give it the force and effect of law, but there have to be regulations put into effect and that takes a bit of time. 

So, again as a practical matter when are we going to see these visas actually issued out? I do think we will see them before the end of the year.  I don't know exactly when but I think maybe the first week, second week of November, something like that at the earliest is probably when we are going to see issuance of actual "special tourist visas" being promulgated in Embassies and Consulates abroad from the Kingdom of Thailand.