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Who Is Going to Be Allowed Admission to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing those who are going to be presumably allowed re-entry into Thailand as soon as things open up. We are making this in the final phases of the current lockdown; the final phases of June here in 2020. 

In a recent article from the Nation, that is, the article is titled: Seven Groups of Foreigners Expected to be Allowed Entry.  "The first group may not include those under the so-called "travel bubble" International pact as they may be required to undertake state quarantine on entry. The Government plans to allow seven groups of foreigners to enter the country."  It seems that they are bifurcating between those being allowed to enter in "travel bubble" status, which is sort of one track of entering Thailand, and those who are allowed in a sort of in "standard” status and those folks may have to undertake quarantine. I am not going to get into a whole analysis on comparing those different tracks if you will.  I am making another video contemporaneously with this one where I do get into that topic. 

What we are talking about here in this video is "Who is going to be able to get into Thailand in the relatively near future?" and by relatively near future we are hoping the next 3 to 6, 4 to 8 weeks, somewhere in that time period and we are making this at the end of June 2020. So,

1) Businessmen and investors around 700 have registered to enter. 

2) Skilled laborers and exporters who need inspect factories or for specific business purposes.  

3) Foreigners married to Thais or Permanent Residents of Thailand, 

4) Medical and wellness tourists."  

So those are four categories. 

Quoting further: "The other group comprises travelers who won't need to go into quarantine on entry.

1) Businessmen on short-duration stays including those coming into the country for business discussions. This group might need a specific area and intensive screening both before travel and arrival at airports. Considered a power group, these are entrepreneurs who will visit the country to sign business contracts or inspect sights or factories which is essential to the economy. 

2) Government guests who are invited for ceremonies or specific seminars 

3) Tourists under the “travel bubble”.

Dr. Taweesilp said that the target countries are China, Japan and South Korea which are presently trying to contain the virus. 

As noted in another video this "travel bubble" scheme is unlikely to come on line prior to August 1, 2020 so I don't think “travel bubble” specifically is going to be something we are going to be looking at. Thailand does appear to be attempting to bifurcate folks into two different categories but for now the priority definitely is on certain types of business folks although there are different types within that general framework. You have got these power individuals as well as just standard businessmen and investors, skilled laborers etc. 

The thing to take away from this video and we have made other videos on this is 1) I think a work permit is going to stand you in good stead. If you have got work authorization coming in to Thailand that is going to be something that is going to be very dispositive in your favor toward getting travel authorization to come into Thailand, so that is a big one. It also specifically notes “medical tourists and foreigners married to Thais”. Those appear to be of major concern to the Government agencies that are trying to sort of cut this Gordian knot if you will and figure out exactly who to let in, how to let them in and under what circumstances they will be allowed to come into Thailand. 

We will continue to update you on this channel as the situation progresses but for now we are looking at a situation where if and when foreign nationals are allowed again to come back into Thailand we are likely looking at primarily business folks being prioritized for entry into Thailand in the foreseeable future.