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The Whole Package: A Path to Thai Permanent Residency

Transcript of the above video:

As the title this video suggests, we are discussing this concept of the Whole Package yet again. That is the hashtag that we are using; the Whole Package. 

I kind of had an epiphany the other day. I know this sounds strange but it is a real lawyer's flaw. We get these blinders on, we only see the tasks in front of us from time to time and we don't really look or at least I don't, maybe that is a flaw just for me personally, but I wasn't looking at the bigger picture with respect to what my clients are looking at doing here in Thailand. Oftentimes in most cases folks that we deal with, they want to come here, they want to live here, they want to be here long term.

I am doing this video to come at this from a more holistic approach. We have certainly done other videos where we talk about Thai Permanent Residence and the details associated therewith. I am talking about this in the context of the concept of coming to Thailand, setting yourself up in a very consolidated way wherein perhaps property ownership connects to or you have got synergies with your business operation which may be consolidated and have some synergies with being able to cut some cost and do business in a very "lean and mean" for lack of better term, manner and deal with ongoing visa and work permit renewals, sort of consolidating all of that together. Then as time goes on if you have set everything up correctly at the outset, made sure all your ducks are in a row, it may be possible down the line to go ahead and be in a position where you can apply for Thai Permanent Residence. This is a substantial benefit because once you have Resident status you are no longer in Non-immigrant status. You don't have to deal with certain periodic reporting requirements and address reporting requirements and renewals of visas etc., and again, if you do it right at the outset then down the line you are going to have a really beneficial setup basically wherein you are in a position to go ahead and gain PR and be able to remain in Thailand. That is sort of the ultimate Retirement Visa for lack of a better term especially for younger folks looking to come here to Thailand to do business. Once you are in PR status there is no need to worry about for example Retirement Visas in the longer term. And once in PR status again, and this is usually a longer time horizon but there is also the option of at a later date thereafter possibly naturalizing to Thai citizenship. I can say from personal experience as a naturalized Thai citizen myself it has certainly been very beneficial gaining Thai citizenship. Now I won't say that wasn't a cumbersome process at certain points along the path, but it certainly has been rewarding and I felt very satisfied dealing with it long term and I feel that some clients may find benefit there also.