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The Whole Package in Thailand for Retirees

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Whole Package concept. We have made videos on this channel with respect to this. I have done a series on this because I feel like it is relevant to folks who are viewers of this channel. 

Long story short, I kind of had an epiphany some months back. I am sure folks that watch these videos don't want to hear this again but I came to the conclusion that maybe not all these videos need to be so task-oriented or narrow to the specific subject matter at hand. Perhaps a more broad look at this was in order. 

We have done a number of videos on things like business ownership, home ownership in Thailand, visas, work permits, Residence, citizenship and all of these are essential questions for an expat or a prospective expat. I prefer to think of myself as an immigrant. I immigrated to Thailand and these were how I thought about things in a more consolidated manner; just a more holistic approach. I was thinking about it and retirees are in kind of a different category. If you are coming to Thailand to retire then I think that looking at this in the same way as somebody that is coming to Thailand in their late 20s or 30s or even 40s even into their 50s, but looking to work, it is a different calculus for them than it is going to be for you. There are going to be different ramifications for your Visa status. Most notably, retirees even in prolonged status, are going to have a very difficult time, if impossible time gaining lawful Permanent Residence here in Thailand, so-called PR or residency. Now that stated, this is offset by the fact that Retirement Visa holders or retirees, they have a little bit less of an onus on them especially compared to Business Visas or those who are extending status based on issuance of a Work Permit. Their evidentiary requirement is lower so they basically just have to show they meet financial criteria; they have relevant insurance requirements met if it is applicable to them and then extend accordingly. 

Unfortunately, yes there is a bit of a downside in the sense that Retirement Visa holders may not, depending on circumstances, be eligible for residence or citizenship in the long term. Now circumstances will drive analysis on this so don't take this as a broad all-encompassing video that answers the question for everyone's circumstances; it is not the purpose of this video. 

Long story short, the thing to understand is and the thing to understand perhaps even when talking to a legal professional is make it clear that you are coming as a retiree not as somebody looking to work and do business in Thailand as again the calculus for those two types of scenarios are very different and they are going to have differing long-term ramifications.