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The Whole Package: You Do Not Pick the Country, It Picks You

Transcript of the above video:

For those who follow this channel, this is kind of a theme I have; this Whole Package concept, which is a more holistic approach to talking about living and working and possibly making your home or immigrating, possibly becoming a resident or citizen of Thailand. I have been trying to do videos as and when topics come up that I think pertain to this overall concept.

Oddly enough, I have gotten a fair amount of negative feedback on this overall series of videos that I have done. A lot of people have been telling me "Why are you talking about residence?" you know “I have been in Thailand for X number of years" or "I used to live in Thailand". Basically they had a negative experience or things did not go the way that they liked and they left Thailand or they are not liking the way things are going in Thailand whatever. They basically have told me, there seems to be kind of a casting of blame on me or that I am using rose coloured glasses when I am looking at Thailand. I will admit I have got sort of a pro Thailand bias. I have been here a long time. I have done business here for quite some time. I have become a Thai citizen. Yes I do certainly have a pro Thai slant in many ways and I will be the first to admit that. That stated, what I am making this video for it is not really to refute those folks, I want to be clear on that. I don't disagree and I have read many of your emails on this topic and it is unfortunate some of the things that happened to you and I would say this about any country, the US as well. If that happened to you, that is unfortunate. 

That being stated, there is kind of a notion that I have noticed with expats or immigrants to another country and that is the country and the person, kind of do something of a dance. It is kind of strange to say it this way but the location and the person enter a sort of equilibrium, a sort of harmony and where that doesn't happen, it may be a good idea to seriously reconsider where you are. This is a general statement. I am not talking about Thailand; I am not talking about the US. I am talking about anywhere you go. Notwithstanding the fact that you really wanted to work there, however you want to look at it; sort of in the sense of on paper it all makes sense or everything I read about it online told me I would really feel happy there and it is just not working out for me. Well that is fine. I would say it is probably better for you to move on rather than trying to make a bad situation work and in many ways I kind of believe that yeah to one degree or another the country, I did not really intend to come to Thailand. I came to Thailand in a very not to get too personal, but I did not expect to be here much longer than at max a year but maybe a few months and then moving on but there seemed to be a synergy between me and this location and it has worked out ever since. 

Long story short, the reason I am making this video is not everybody is going to have a pleasant experience in every location and Thailand is no different. If you are just trying to make it work despite all odds and despite all adversity it may be a good idea to seriously consider looking at other options.