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Why Did I Only Get 90 Days on My 1 Year Thai Business Visa?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Business Visa. A question that just actually recently came up, it was very vexing to this gentleman and I am sure I can understand why. I often times take matters pertaining to Thai Immigration a little bit for granted and I forget that folks that don't deal with this system, it can be a really Byzantine, confusing system to deal with.

The title of this video basically sums it up. Why didn't I get a year status when arriving in Thailand when I arrived on a one-year Business Visa? The reason for that is you arrived on a one-year multi-entry B Visa and the status that is conferred at entry on that kind of Visa is 90 days notwithstanding the fact that the sticker validity of the Visa is 1 calendar year the actual status that is conferred at entry is only 90 days. I know this is really confusing, in fact it is really nettlesome for a number of people and I feel your pain, for lack of a better term because I have dealt with multi-entry Business Visas when I first arrived here in Thailand and I didn't really understand them at first either. It kind of threw me for a loop a little bit too.

Long story short is they are issued abroad, they are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are issued with a 1 year validity but every time you enter Thailand, you only get 90 days of status. In the days prior to the COVID response back in March of 2020, you would see a situation wherein people would come in frequently using a multi-entry visa and they get their 90 days. If they were coming up to the end of their 90 days they would just do a border run or even a Visa Run, maybe go to another country or just hop over the border and hop right back into Thailand and get another 90 days. That is currently not really all that feasible so folks that are entering Thailand on a multi entry Visa may find themselves in a really sticky wicket for lack of a better term wherein they are not going to be able to gain long term status just by arriving on a one-year multi-entry Thai B Visa.