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Why Further Quarantine in Thailand Past the Final COVID Exam?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing COVID-19 and quarantine here in Thailand. Specifically what is called Alternative State Quarantine or ASQ. We see this a lot with respect to folks who are coming into Thailand because foreign nationals, even Thai nationals are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine here in the Kingdom.

A question that has come up from a couple of clients who have gone through various quarantine facilities is they have noted that you are tested for COVID at multiple points during the process of being quarantined and toward the end, usually there is like an extra day, sometimes two where you are still in quarantine after your final COVID test. They have  tested you negative, you are sort of green lighted to be able to leave but you still have to remain in quarantine for another day or two whatever it is; it kind of depends a little bit on the facility, but some folks have asked us especially our clients coming out of quarantine, "why the extra day after I have been tested the final time negative? Why keep me any longer? That seems kind of strange." Well long story short, the best that we can surmise is that the regulations call for 14 days and 14 days it shall be and regardless of the testing that is undergone, the timing of it, they don't they don't do the final COVID test sort of the last moment before you walk out the door. I think also from a logistical standpoint that want to allow themselves enough time to be able to get the results back on that final test. 

I understand clients who are thinking this is kind of nonsensical and a little bit galling in some cases because it is like well "I am here for you to make sure I don't have COVID. You have made sure I don't have COVID. Why am I still here?" seems to be the general theme of these questions. Long story short, I think primarily it is just driven by the fact that the regulations call for a 14-day quarantine.