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Will 90 Day Reporting Be Required When Thai Immigration Amnesty Ends?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Immigration Amnesty. 

For those who are unaware, Thai Immigration has placed an Amnesty on various Immigration requirements that are normally incumbent upon foreigners in Thailand to adhere to in order to maintain their status. They have sort of waived these requirements until July 31st of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus crisis.

A question that I have been getting by email rather frequently in recent days is "What happens when this ends? Well first of all "when is it going to end?"  The current Amnesty is going to end July 31st, 2020 and I think it is imprudent to presume that this is going to be extended any further. Based on what we are seeing as of the time of this video, I think that the Coronavirus is at least under control enough that we are probably going to see Thai Immigration saying "Look, we are no longer going to extend this Amnesty. There is no reason to consider its extension". So the question on certain people's minds not only has to do with their visas and we have talked about that at length on this channel, but also has to do with "is this 90-day reporting going to continue?"  This was waived and I made a video even questioning whether or not they should rethink the overall program of 90-day reporting but until we affirmatively see 90-day reporting changed, we can't presume that it has changed, so let's not delve into that. How is this going to operate? Well that remains to be seen. My question is does everyone's clock for 90-day reporting restart as of August 1?  From that date forward, do they need to do 90 day reporting? It is difficult to say. With certain clients I am telling people, keep your 90-day intervals in mind because you may need to go ahead and do your reporting along the same lines as you otherwise would. That to me would make the most sense. It also would make the most logistical sense because you don't want to see everybody having to restart. So presumably August 1 and then everybody that was here August 1 is going to have to deal with their 90-day report on October 1 or the end of October. They are going to all have to deal with it simultaneously? So I think it is difficult to say at this time how this is going to work. If you are worried about your 90-day report, I think it is a good idea to contact a legal professional. We can assist in probably providing some insight into how this is all going to play out especially as we get within about I think 2 weeks of the Amnesty coming to an end we will probably have some more guidance regarding how the 90-day reporting is going to work. 

The thing to take away from this video is no it is not required during the Amnesty. I think it definitely is going to be required at least in the short-term after the Amnesty is lifted. Maybe they will rethink doing 90-day reports; that remains to be seen but the nuts and bolts of how it is going to work when it turns back on, I think that is a question if we are getting near to the date and you are worried about it, go ahead and contact us and we may be able to assist in providing some insight or assist you in actually doing it so as to get yourself back in the 90-day reporting system without any violations and thereby not causing any possible fines or problems with visa extension down the road.