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Will a COVID Vaccine Impact the Thai Visa Process?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility of a COVID-19 Vaccine and whether or not this will impact the Thai Visa or the Thai Immigration process. 

This has been a topic that has been brought to my attention. A lot of folks have asked me this question: "What do I think will happen in the event of a vaccine?" Well first of all I have no idea so let's start from that position.

There has yet to be a finalized, approved vaccine to the best of my knowledge at least in the west. Until that occurs, we don't know what the practical implications of a vaccination will have on the overall Immigration process in a global context nor Thailand specifically. I think it is logical to infer it will have a tremendous impact on the Thai Visa process as a practical matter because I think we will probably see the end of things like the Certificate of Entry and quarantine once a vaccine is out there because they can put a requirement on that says "look, anybody who wants to come to Thailand just get the vaccine." I am not saying they are going to do that. Let me be clear, I am just simply saying that is a possibility. There are a number of possibilities that could come to the forefront if a vaccine is ultimately proven successful and approved for wide usage. 

So yes, I think it will have a dramatic impact on Thai Visa processing. Exactly how remains to be seen and it is not a foregone conclusion the quarantining will end. It is not a foregone conclusion that the Certificate of Entry will go away. But long story short, yes I think it will have an impact. I think it will be an appreciable one and the exact practical implications we are going to have to find out about those as and when they appear, manifest themselves and we see how that operates in a practical sense.