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Will a COVID Vaccine Mean No Thailand Quarantine?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing COVID-19 vaccines. For those who are watching any of the internet at all, you are probably well aware that vaccines are being brought online. They have just begun starting to jab folks and give them the vaccine, administering the vaccine. There are various vaccines. Different countries have come up with their own formula. Long story short, the vaccine seems like it is going to be increasingly ubiquitous as time moves forward. 

A question that has come up from a lot of folks who watch this channel surrounds "Hey if there is a vaccine, is this quarantine period, currently 2 weeks 14 days, is this going to continue to be imposed?" Well long story short, I think for at least the immediately foreseeable future, yeah we are still stuck with quarantine because I haven't seen anything yet that suggests that they are seriously looking at getting rid of it all together. There has been talk as we have gone into in other videos on this channel about lessening the length of quarantine, so bringing down the duration. The main thing I am hearing right now is possibly toward the first of the year, it may go down to 10 days as opposed to 14 although that being said, it remains to be seen.

Long story short, I think in the immediately foreseeable future, so let's call it quarter one of 2021, I think it is highly unlikely I think we will see a total scrapping of quarantine. We may see fundamental shifts in it. It might get cut in half, it might get cut down to a couple of days, who knows? But I think in quarter one, I think it is pretty safe to presume we are still going to be dealing with quarantine but presumably as this vaccine becomes more and more widely available, as in more and more wide use, I think it is safe to presume that Immigration policy makers here in Thailand as well as Public Health officials are going to continue to re-examine the overall policy with respect to quarantine in the Kingdom of Thailand.