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Will Phuket Actually Reopen to Tourists in July?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the prospect of Phuket reopening to tourists under the so-called "Sandbox Scheme" we have discussed in a number of videos previously and their reopening occurring in July to vaccinated foreigners, to vaccinated tourists.

However, a recent article from Thai Visa, that is, that article is titled: Phuket Plan to Reopen to Foreign Tourists on July 1 Could be Delayed. Quoting directly: "Thailand may have to delay his plan to reopen Phuket to foreigners from 1st July due to the latest wave of COVID-19 infections." Then moving over to Bangkok Post, that is, this article is titled: Phuket "Sandbox Timeline to be Re-set. Quoting directly: "The Tourism and Sports Ministry needs to reset the timeline for the Phuket "sandbox" because the province may not have enough vaccine doses following the new nationwide spread of the virus." 

So it looks like and again, it is very fluid situation, there is a lot of time between now and July 1. We are sitting here at the end of April, May and June, a lot of time between now and then, so it may not change. At the same time they are having discussions on whether or not it will re-open under that time frame. There could be changes this upcoming week. I just simply don't know exactly what is going to happen but what I think can be taken away from this video is that time, that date, that time frame probably should not be looked at as being set in stone. My paradigm has become with this, look ahead, try to discern what is happening but until it actually comes out, it is published as a regulation, or it comes out in The Royal Gazette as a law, until it is actually published as being for lack of a better term,  set in stone, it is all speculation until that point. There is a lot of time between now and July. I certainly know a lot of people are despondent right now associated with the circumstances surrounding the further spread of COVID here in Thailand and I think this might be colouring people a little bit on the side of the negative with respect that timeline. 

Again, it is over 2 months away. That said, a lot can happen between now and then, positive and negative, so it remains to be seen. We will keep you updated on this channel as the situation progresses.