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Will Thai Visas Be "More Convenient" Soon?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "convenience" in the context of Thai visas and that is certainly not “two great tastes that have tasted particularly great together” to use a phrase from American advertising that I have heard many, many times. "Convenience" and Thai Visas have not really gone hand in hand especially in the last 6 months as we have been dealing with this Government response to COVID-19.

However, a recent article from, the article is titled: Opening to Foreign Tourists: "More Convenience over Visas" Promised as NSC Meets Foreign Ministry Today. We are quoting directly from Thailand's National Security Council General Natthapon Nakphanich and that is National Security Council Secretary. Quoting directly from the article: "General Natthapon promised more convenience to potential foreign travelers over visas though he stressed the need for consideration for the safety and well-being of the public." So exactly what that means, on the one hand convenience while again stressing safety and well-being of the public, I don't know exactly what that means in terms of how exactly that is going to play out in practice. I would not expect the overall processing of visas to really change greatly with respect to the newly added requirements associated with the response to COVID-19, for example Certificates of Entry, insurance requirements, "fit to fly" documentation. I just cannot imagine that is going to be repealed or be fundamentally changed in the forthcoming weeks and probably even months. Although that stated, I do think that they are committed to trying to make the overall process of getting into Thailand less cumbersome where possible in order to encourage tourism.

I suspect we are going to be waiting around a little bit longer before we actually see the process looking like it looked prior to the response to COVID-19.