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Will the "Thailand Plus" Contact Tracing App Apply to B Visas?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Tracking App that is being called "Thailand Plus", also referred to as a Contact Tracing App.

We have done other videos contemporaneously with this one where we discuss this at length but long story short, the “Thailand Plus” App is an app that allows for GPS tracking of foreign entrants into Thailand. It appears at least from what we have read thus far, it specifically is stating for tourists but I think and I have made other videos on this topic, but I think it is logical to infer it may apply to business folks as well. The reason I think this is as we have noted in other videos on this channel, this is apparently going to be integral to the Certificate of Entry process. So, in order to get a Thai Certificate of Entry issued, one is going to need to go ahead and deal with this Tracking App. 

What does that mean as a practical matter? Well long story short, it means that if you want to get into Thailand and you want to get a Certificate of Entry, it looks like although I don't want to presume this, because from what we have researched thus far, it only seems to say specifically tourists but it also does say that it factors into Certificate of Entry. Certificate of Entries are issued to all Non-immigrant categories; anybody that is a foreign National has to get a Certificate of Entry. To the best of my knowledge I believe Thai Nationals continue to need a Certificate of Entry to come into Thailand notwithstanding the fact that they may have a Thai passport.

So what to take away from this video? Well it looks like, although I can't say with 100% certainty that Thai Business Visa holders probably are going to be required, let's say sooner rather than later, to use this GPS Tracking App upon entry to Thailand in order to do contact tracing of them thereafter.