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Will the Thailand Plus Tracking App be Required for Retirement Visas?

Transcript of the above video:

As a title of this video suggests, we are discussing the "Thailand Plus" contact tracing or tracking app. We have discussed this at length in other videos made contemporaneously with this one. Long story short, this is a tracking app. It is for foreigner nationals entering Thailand and a question that has come up from many has been: "it seems to apply clearly to tourists, but does it apply to non-immigrants?" 

As of the time of this video, the short answer to that is "no". However I think we can make some logical inferences about this and one of the things that should be noted is apparently this tracking app is going to operate in conjunction with the issuance of Certificates of Entry to the Kingdom of Thailand. So something to bear in mind, the Certificate of Entry is a document issued simultaneously with a Thai Visa. It provides one day of clear validity for a foreign national to enter Thailand, fly in, be admitted to Thailand and then be permitted to undertake Alternative State Quarantine but all of this sort of happens all at once. It is like tumblers in a lock. It is like a dart hitting a bullseye; it all happens on the same day. 

It now appears that the "Thailand Plus" tracking app is going to be integrated into the Certificate of Entry issuance process. It remains to be seen whether or not it will directly apply to non-immigrants, including those on a Retirement Visa but I think it is probably safe to presume that if it is being integrated into the Certificate of Entry process which applies to all visas, not just tourists, it is pretty safe to presume I think or maybe I should say let's err on the side of caution and presume that "yes it is going to apply to Retirement Visas as well as Tourist Visas for those coming to the Kingdom of Thailand".