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You Can't Just Arrive in Thailand "As in the Past"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "you can't arrive in Thailand as in the past". The reason for this video, I am going to quote directly from a recent article from the Pattaya Mail, that is, the article is titled: Tourists hoping to enter Thailand by land should maybe think again. I urge viewers who are watching this video, go ahead and check out that article in detail, lot of information in here but I am going to quote an excerpt as I thought it was interesting. "A spokesman for the Declaration of Thai Industries," (I think that might have meant Federation of Thai Industries, but okay) "which has campaigned for freer travel rules, said foreign tourists by land could use only the four designated entry points and must bring with them the "Test and Go" permission which includes a QR code. "You can't just arrive with your passport as in the past." DTI also pointed out that Cambodia and Vietnam, main competitors to Thailand's tourist industry, had recently introduced respectively 30 and 15 days permits for vaccinated arrivals by air without the need for any prior approval or online booking." 

Yeah, it is true you can't arrive in Thailand presently as you could in the past but then that kind of begs the question, "why?" Here we are two years out from the promulgation of the Emergency Decree on this. We are years from knowing what this was. This isn't the sort of fog of the moment back in sort of the end of the first quarter of 2020. We know what this is now and I really honestly question whether or not all these Draconian measures; all these restrictions; all these quite frankly off-putting obtuse obstacles that are out there to put off tourist basically, they just seem to put people off whether or not this is necessary anymore, it's a good question. 

Yeah it is true, you can't just come into Thailand like you once could but maybe it is time to start rethinking that paradigm.