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You Mean Dropping Thailand Pass Increases Arrivals!?!

Transcript of the above video:

I am not intending exactly for this title to be snarky but after going on about 2 years between Certificates of Entry and Thailand Pass and watching the havoc that has caused in an Immigration context, well maybe I am being a little snarky. The reason for the video, I was recently reading an article in the Nation, that is, the article is titled: Thousands of Malaysian, Singaporean tourists flock to Yala. Quoting directly: "Through Betong alone, an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 visitors from the two southern neighbouring countries were expected to cross the border into Thailand on Friday to spend the weekend. Local Officials attributed the sudden increase in arrivals to the recent cancellation of the Thailand Pass entry registration system, COVID-19 insurance, as well as the extension of opening hours for entertainment venues." Yeah, I would say probably the pretty obvious reason why we are seeing a major uptake in inbound arrivals to Thailand is there are not so many restrictions. I mean quite honestly there aren't any of the hoops there were even just a month ago. I mean there are still a few things, we discussed them in other videos but yeah for the most part, so it's getting pretty well come back to Thailand pretty freely. There's no more Thailand Pass and lo and behold we are seeing a lot of folks return or we are seeing a lot of folks come here. Hopefully we are going to start seeing the upshot of that in the form of further revenues generated by businesses operating in the Tourism Sector here in Thailand, so I am hoping to see that sooner rather than later.

But yeah, I don't mean exactly to be snarky but yeah look I mean Thailand Pass was keeping out a number of people; it was keeping a number of people from coming to Thailand. It has now gone. All you folks out there who are looking at or were thinking of coming to Thailand in the last two years it is not like it was, it's not like it has been. Yes, you can get back in; yes entertainment venues are open far longer; basically things are back to as much as normal as I can possibly call it normal. Yeah there are a few things that in my opinion we could move on from, but we are getting there and quite frankly, we are not just basking in the light at the end of the tunnel, I think we are fully in the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we can put the last couple years behind us and hopefully Thailand will have a great high season this year as a result of these changes and we can move forward and everything will be great as Thailand moves ahead and the Tourism Sector hopefully flourishes in the coming months.