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All USCIS Overseas Offices Reportedly to Close by March 2020

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing USCIS and specifically recent announcements that the USCIS International Offices are going to be closed. 

To quote directly from a recent article from BuzzFeed and this article is titled The Trump Administration Has Set Projected Dates for Closing Foreign Immigration Offices.  Quoting directly, "The Trump Administration has set target dates for closing all International offices of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency including some that are scheduled to shutter within a few months according to sources with knowledge of the plans. The more than 20 offices abroad are slated to begin shuttering as soon as June 30th, 2019 starting with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and then Manila in the Philippines just a few days after that.  In September, the Monterrey, Mexico Office is projected to close as well as the station in Seoul, South Korea.  By the end of January, 2020 the majority of the offices including those in Mexico City, London, Athens, and Guatemala City are slated to cease operations. All offices including the main district offices for the separate regions are scheduled to close by March 10th, 2020. So that appears to be, for lack of a better term, "drop dead date" with respect to the closure of these offices abroad; we are looking at March 2020 to see these fully closed.

Exactly what is going to happen with respect to the office here in Bangkok remains to be seen. They have still been open to the best of my knowledge. If you go online to their website everything appears to be as it ever was. But that being said, I think it is fairly prudent to presume that at some point between now and March 2020 we will be seeing the closure of that office as well. We will do videos on this channel updating those with respect to that issue as things progress.