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Appointment Issues for K-1 Visa Interviews in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

For those who are watching this video, I suspect the viewers of this video are going to be poignantly aware that appointments associated with K-1 Visa interviews are somewhat fewer and further between than what you maybe have read about on the internet in the past for example forums talking about K-1 Visas. I am here to tell you "yeah, it is a very different protocol presently than it usually is in normal for lack of a better term times.” 

Last year, 2020 at this time, we weren't seeing much of anything happening. Fortunately, the Visa unit at the Embassy is currently processing cases and they are having interviews but it is my understanding that the protocols they are undertaking in order to presumably mitigate against COVID are resulting in case processing time taking a little bit longer and one of the major things we are seeing with respect to K-1 visas is locking in interviews is becoming a bit more difficult and the process is becoming more prolonged as there is a finite number of slots and a lot of different people are trying to get into those slots. That is my opinion of what is happening here. 

So at present I wish I could say anything other than "look you are just going to have to keep going through the motions". We are definitely assisting our clients in trying to get those K-1 interviews locked in but at present it is quite a bit more cumbersome and quite a bit more time consuming than it normally is.