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Are Expedited K-3 Visa Interview Appointments Possible?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing K-3 Marriage Visas. We are discussing the possibility of expeditiously setting an appointment for an interview.

What we are talking about here is, I know a lot of folks the frustrated. The overall process of getting a visa to the United States it is just dramatically slower than it once was. It is not even so much the fact that it is slower, in fact I would actually say overall in some cases it is moving along in the same pace overall but it is kind of the weird for lack of a better term unforeseen delays and glitches; that is what we have been noticing. I liken it to being almost like a logger in like Alaska in the old days or something where you had these guys that would stand along the river and when a log jam would build they would go in there and kind of poke it with a rod and unjam the logs and then go further down the river. For lack of a better term that has felt like dealing with especially consular processing of US Immigration cases roughly the past 18 months. You get an issue, you deal with it, you unjam the logs, you keep them moving down the river. 

The point of this video is yes certainly I do understand people's frustrations. I usually do a K-3 video, I tend to pack them together with CR-1 and IR-1 visas because generally speaking we are always talking about spouses. The K-3 is a little bit different because for purposes of Consular processing, if you manage to get the case past what is called Administrative Closure, if you are able to get the case through NVC, National Visa Center, to an Embassy it is going to be treated like a K Visa, like a K-1 Visa so I would say you might have a better chance of getting an interview sooner because you are not going through the NVC process to get the interview set. That said I mean the K-1's we are trying to get interviews and unfortunately there is just a major backlog and for lack of a better term, there seems to be a scarcity of interview appointments on top of everything else. I suspect that this stems from internal administrative policies probably stemming from the Government specifically the US Government's response to COVID-19 so I suspect that there are staffing and distancing issues and these are having ramifications for how much case load they can process and how many interview appointments they are will to have in a given day due to again social distancing concerns.

So the thing to take away from this video is in theory and I did another video on K-1 interview expediting; you might want to go check that out. It may provide some further insight even though it is about Fiancée Visas although in a K category, it kind of all acts the same way. Long story short, it is very unlikely you are going to see expedite. I mean you have got to have a real emergency. If you don't have a real emergency, don't lie about one and try and get an appointment or something like this based on a fake emergency. Lying to the Embassy is a terrible idea not least from a moral or ethical standpoint but also from a legal standpoint because if it is determined that you made a material misrepresentation of fact to an Embassy, one can be found inadmissible to the United States and if that is the case maybe the only way of dealing with it is via a waiver if at all depending on the circumstances of the case. So yeah, we are all just slogging through the slow road to interviews and I think we are all trying to do the best that we can including the Embassy. Unfortunately, seeing things move any faster based on any kind of special circumstances, I think it is pretty unlikely to see that.