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Are There K-1 Visa "Brokers"?

Transcript of the above video:

For those who watch this channel with any kind of regularity, you will probably know that the title of this video is rather nonsensical insofar as the notion that there is a "broker" associated with K-1 Visas. The reason I decided to make the video is I was in correspondence recently with a prospective client and somebody who was talking to us and the person said to me "Well I was using a broker to file the K-1 case." and I said "A broker, what do you mean a broker?" He said "Well somebody to help me do it, da, da, da." I said “First of all there's no broker in a K-1. You are not buying and selling a K-1 Visa, there is just filing for a K-1 Visa and processing it through and getting it issued." 

Basically, what this person was talking about was essentially somebody who was just lying or basically operating, sometimes they are called notarios, you will see them called Visa Agents, sometimes they just impersonate lawyers but they are basically just people who shouldn't be operating in the Immigration space, 8 CFR 292.1 is clear on this point; American Attorneys are the only ones who can take fees for providing assistance in a US Immigration context and so anybody that claims to be a broker oftentimes you will sometimes hear people call themselves Visa coaches, Visa Agents; agents was kind of a misnomer and the term kind of sprang up because Immigration apparatuses, more notably Embassies abroad including the US Embassy, they would issue visas and they would say "look you can designate an agent to pick up your visa for you", to just come pick it up but it doesn't mean they are an agent insofar as like somebody representing you as is an Attorney. That is a very different thing. But yeah unfortunately there are just a lot of these monikers out there for essentially folks who are operating in kind of a fly-by-night capacity operating illegally, they are violation of Immigration Law by providing advice and assistance to folks and really they are really not qualified to do so. I don't know how many of these agents or brokers or whatever or you want to call them fake lawyers, they run around out there and they take people's money and they process these cases. When something wrong they just disappear in the woodwork or they just take the money at the outset, you never hear from again or they tell you to lie. That's a big one. I have had real problem with that over the years where some broker or agent or fake lawyer has said "Oh yeah, yeah just lie about that. Just don't bring that up at the interview!" well that can be fraud and material misrepresentation of fact and if you are looking at material misrepresentation of fact you have got real problems in a given Immigration case. 

So long story short, no, there isn't any such thing as a broker for a K-1 Visa or an agent for that matter really and then of course fake lawyers, all of that. Unfortunately they are out there. You have to be kind of wary of such scams. They are there and I just want to kind of provide some clarification that NO in fact there are no brokers for K-1 Fiancé Visas.