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Ask Your Immigration Lawyer BEFORE Changing Passports

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing changing of passports in an Immigration context.

This is a general video. This could apply to Thai Immigration, US Immigration; I suspect UK migration agents or Australian migration agents would probably say similar things. I am not talking about those topics specifically. This is just kind of a general piece of information. It is a good idea to talk to your Immigration lawyer before you change your passport. 

I see this happen a lot in the US Immigration context because the overall process takes a long time but now with the sort of elongated time frames in Thai Visa processing, we are also seeing this issue crop up there too where you will get the process started; you are moving paperwork through the relevant Embassy or Consulate and at some point the client sort of unilaterally changes their passport. They decide to go ahead and renew it etc. 

Long story short, this doesn't really massively mess up your case but it can have serious ramifications with respect to timing and things because you have to go ahead and change certain documentation, perhaps change an entire filing and that can delay overall processing. In certain cases it may not be overly necessary, overly urgent that you change that passport. So a good rule of thumb, just generally speaking, if you are using an Immigration Attorney to process a case or even if you are doing it yourself and the case is pending, you have got documentation pending, it is really a good idea to seriously think about or contact your legal service provider in order to inform them that you are looking to change your passport as they can advise you whether or not that is an overly good decision.