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Aspects of the US Immigration Process Becoming More Paperless

See transcript of the above video below:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing - certain aspects of the immigration process are becoming paperless.  This recently came to my attention as we have been processing out visa applications from the Embassy here primarily, and we will go ahead and put this up. This was a little handout that came along with an issued Immigrant visa and it's from the United States Department of State. 

Quoting directly from it, I'll go ahead and put it up here on this on this video as well. "Previously all first time Immigrant travelers to the United States were required to hand-carry an Immigrant Visa packet and present it at the US Port of Entry to the Customs and Border Protection Authorities.  In 2017, the Department of State began to use an online application center to collect, review, and process the required documents previously contained in the IV packet. 

IV packets are now transmitted electronically to Customs and Border Protection and are accessible at the US Port of Entry. Any immigrant traveler carrying a visa with special annotation is not required to hand-carry an IV packet.  You can find additional information on electronic processing on one of the Department of State websites.

Large aspects of the US visa application process, for those going through a K-1 Visa or a CR-1 Visa, a K-3 Visa or an IR-1 Visa application, this is going to be essentially the second phase of the process; after initial processing by the Department of Homeland Security. But my opinion, it is streamlining the overall processing of documentation in the visa application process and it is also a lot more convenient. Folks don't have to lug around these rather large visas packages sometimes. All documentation is in the "Cloud" for lack of better term and so basically applicants for US Visa or Visa holders can simply travel to the United States with their passport with their Visa stamped into the passport.