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Can I Get My Thai Girlfriend into Mexico?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai, in this case girlfriends boyfriends, whatever, significant other, into Mexico; getting that person into Mexico.

I see a lot of this in the context of fiancé visas or I should say folks who are looking to try to get a Fiancé Visa, we will be discussing the K-1 process, I have heard this in Immigrant Spouse Visa cases people just say "What if I just bring her into Mexico?" Years ago, not so much now but I used to hear people say "well what if just bring her into Mexico and sneak her into the United States?" Well first of all that is human trafficking and that is not a good idea. Secondly, Mexico is not just open in terms of Immigration. Now I am not going to get in deeply into Mexican Immigration here but what I would like to point out is Mexico, the United States and Canada do have certain bilateral arrangements. In fact are multilateral usually between the three countries with respect to Immigration. It is not just a walk in the park to apply for a Thai to get a Mexican Visa. People have this kind of strange presumption that "oh you can just walk down to the Mexican Embassy and pick up a Visa no problem."  Now again, I am not an expert on Mexican Immigration but I have seen folks try this over the years and Mexico, again we have gotten into this analysis at length on this channel but under section 214-B of the American Immigration Nationality Act, if someone is the significant other of an American citizen, that can be deemed to be a sufficiently strong tie to the United States thereby causing the denial of a Tourist Visa application. Well Mexico is not blind to American Immigration law. They can see "oh there is an American citizen involved. They are trying to get a Thai national and meet up over here in Mexico. Well they are clearly trying something here," and Mexico in my experience has not been just open to allowing that to happen. 

I have heard this a lot in recent weeks. It didn't come up for a long time. I didn't I didn't hear this said to me but in the last about 2 weeks I have heard this a few times over the phone. "What if I just get her into Mexico?" It is mostly “her” it is usually in a fiancé context. Long story short I do understand the Immigration process especially right now under this Administration and then on top of it, it is sort of compounded by the response to COVID, it is cumbersome and it is time consuming but trying to get someone into Mexico in lieu of America, I would say that has no prospects probably of succeeding again to the 99th percentile. I can't say for certainty but I would say very unlikely. The next thing is bringing a foreign national to a third party country and then sneaking them into another country, that as I said earlier, that is pretty much human trafficking; in fact that is human trafficking. That is not a good idea. 

So the thing to take away from this video is just because you can't get your fiancée or girlfriend into the United States, doesn't necessarily mean Mexico is just a ready option to be able to get that person onto the North American continent.