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CR-1 Visas from Thailand: In America...Conditionally

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing CR-1 Visas. You are in America on a CR-1 Visa. As we have talked about in other videos, the K-1 Visa, the K-3 Visa; that requires further action. Those who arrive in K status need to deal with adjusting status to Green Card. 

A CR-1 Visa holder who arrives in the United States, if the couple has not been married for two years or more upon the arrival date, that individual is stamped in, yes with what is called an I-551 stamp. They are granted their Green Card at entry for lack of a better term but it is Conditional Permanent Residence. It is not Unconditional Permanent Residence meaning that individual has to deal with what is called a lift of conditions before they will be granted Unconditional Permanent Residence. This is dealt with generally speaking at the two-year mark after the arrival. So you are in status, you have got a Green Card but it is not fully complete until 2 years later when you have to deal with lifting conditions to Lawful Permanent Residence.

In my opinion, I have done another video on K-3s talking about this in a general sense, I definitely think a CR-1 is better than a K-3 for a lot of different reasons but understand, yeah if you are just not married for the two year period, you have just got to deal with this conditionality. Some people call it a formality. To some extent it is but you should take it seriously and understand that failure to go ahead and get that lift done can result in some problems most notably possibly falling out of status in the US. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep an eye on dealing with lifting the conditions of your Lawful Permanent Residence in a timely manner after arriving in the USA.