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Expediting Rescheduled Visa Interviews at the US Embassy in Bangkok

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing rescheduled visa interview appointments at the US Embassy in Thailand. 

Now they are rescheduling appointments. I note the word "rescheduling" I know there are a bunch of people in this audience, I know there are a bunch of clients who are watching these videos, yes I know folks, those cases that had not been set for interview yeah I know you are in limbo and we are trying to work it through as fast as we can. Those cases that had been affirmatively set for interview prior to these lockdowns and restrictions that were associated with this COVID-19 situation, those folks, we are now dealing with rescheduling your interviews and it may be possible to even expedite that appointment timing. So whereas it may be weeks out at the beginning where you may actually schedule your appointment, you may actually end up in a situation where you can actually file for an expedited appointment so that your appointment can be processed that much more quickly. 

I do have to give kudos to the US Embassy here in Bangkok. They really have since they have sorted for lack of better term switched back on and started moving. They have been moving with a great deal of alacrity and they have been moving very quickly, handling things in a very professional, efficient manner. We are looking forward to October and seeing our clients, the ones that we can, get rescheduled for interview and start processing them through the interview process and presumably visa issuance or in some cases maybe what is called a 221g, Request for Further Documentation, which we will subsequently deal with but hopefully we will be seeing interviews occurring and visas issued in the relatively near future.