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Fee Changes for K-1 Visa Adjustment of Status to Green Card

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Adjustment of Status

Generally this process occurs, at least what we deal with primarily over here out of South East Asia, Bangkok as well as Phnom Penh, Laos, what we are talking about here is when somebody has already obtained their K-1 Fiancée visa and then they travel to the United States. Generally speaking, they go ahead and get married to their American fiancé and then they go ahead and seek to have their status adjusted to regular lawful permanent residence, AKA Green Card status. 

It recently came to my attention that the fees associated with adjustment of status are changing. This comes from Federal Register; currently the I-485 which is the application form associated with Adjustment of Status from K-1 Visa over to a Green Card in the United States, currently that fee is US$1,140. That fee will be modified downward or at least it is proposed that that fee be modified downward to US$1,120 moving forward. 

I suspect this will be a situation wherein that proposal will likely be approved so I think it is safe to presume at some point in the relatively near future we are going to be dealing with a filing fee of US$1,120. 

It is kind of a nice thing to note that this is a situation where we are discussing a fee change and that fee change is being modified downward so it will be less expensive to deal with fees associated with Adjustment of Status from K-1 visas to Green Card status in the relatively near future.