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Fee Changes for US Reentry Permits

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing re-entry permits to the United States. 

What are we talking about with respect to re-entry permits? Well generally speaking, a re-entry permit is associated with someone who has lawful permanent residence in the United States and that individual is basically looking to presumably be abroad for what they believe to be a fairly long period of time. They do not want to raise the presumption that they are abandoning their residence, so they need to go ahead and take steps to forestall that presumption being raised prior to their departure from the United States and a re-entry permit is the way to go ahead and do that.

The re-entry permit form is what is called the I-131.  Previously the filing fee associated with that was 575 US dollars or at least it is currently at the time of this video. There have recently been proposals made to modify various fees associated with US Immigration matters and recently it came to my attention that a proposal has been made through the Federal Register that this fee be raise from US$575 up to US$585.  I suspected that that proposal will ultimately be approved and I think it is fairly safe to presume we are going to be dealing with a US$585 fee for a re-entry permit application in the relatively near future.