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How Long does an RFE Response Take to Process?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Requests for Evidence. I have done a number of videos here in recent weeks with respect to our RFEs because there has been a substantial sea change in the underlying policy associated with Request for Evidence. But that being said, this is actually maybe slightly on a different nuance of RFE and what we are talking about is how long do they generally take to process? 

Well it depends on the given case. It depends on the underlying case. It has been my experience though, USCIS officers are usually pretty prone to act quickly on a response on an RFE and go ahead and get the matter moving forward quickly thereafter. It has been my experience, I think basically their position is "look we're sort of halfway through this case. You responded, we are going to go ahead and move it forward”. If that is success or denial we will take it from there but the response time is not nearly as long as it takes to go ahead and get that initial action out of USCIS from the time of notice of action 1, usually the receipt notice from USCIS, especially in like K-1 cases, marriage visa cases you are looking at months from the time it is in initially received before further action is taken.  

That being said, the RFE itself, it has been my experience it is usually a few weeks. At max in the past I have seen, it might take two months, maybe two and a half months but for the most part they do act with a great deal of alacrity in responding to an RFE response from a petitioner or the petitioner's attorney.