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IR-1 and CR-1 Visa Laos: The DS-260

Transcript of the above video:

In this video today we are discussing the IR-1 and CR-1 Immigrant Spouse Visas. We are specifically going to be discussing this in the context of those who are presumably of Laos nationality filing for an IR-1 or CR-1 Visa as the spouse of an American citizen or lawful permanent resident and they are filing this application through the United States Embassy in Vientiane, Laos

The DS-260 generally speaking, needs to be uploaded and dealt with by the National Visa Center prior to an interview appointment being made at the US Embassy in Laos. So it has to be filled out and uploaded and then in a sense the NVC officers use it as a kind of road map for scrutinizing and adjudicating other documentation associated with the application for an IR-1 or CR-1 Visa. So it has to be filled out in total. It can be a little bit of a cumbersome document. We find folks get rather frustrated especially filling it out. They often times find they time out of the system and have to log back in or they just have a hard time dealing with it generally. It asks for a lot of very specific information especially regarding address history and work history. It asks for a lot of information which could be described as vital statistics; things like birth date etc., documentation history, passports etc. identification information all of this kind of thing. It can be can be somewhat cumbersome to deal with. Finally they have also added on information regarding one's digital footprint so things like social media documentation are now also included in matters pertaining to the DS-260 form for those who are applying for Immigrant Spousal Visas from the US Embassy in Vientiane, Laos.