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IR1 Visa Processing from Thailand During Coronarivirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the IR-1 Visa and this is generally in the context of the spouse, in this case the Thai spouse of an American citizen looking to immigrate to the United States. 

For those who are unaware of those who enter the United States in an IR-1 Visa status will be stamped in and granted an I-551 stamp that will provide unconditional lawful permanent residence at the time of entry. 

Now I have gotten a lot of correspondence regarding US Immigration generally especially in front of the backdrop of this COVID-19 crisis that we are dealing with. Yes it is having an impact on the process but I think long-term it is not going to have an overly detrimental impact on the overall process for those who are filing now. Let me explain that. So to be clear, the Immigrant Visa Unit at the US Embassy here in Bangkok, Thailand has currently suspended interviews which means as a practical matter that has suspended issuance of new visas; so there are no new visas being issued by the US Embassy here. That being said, the US Government, in this case the Department of Homeland Security, has not suspended filing or the processes they undertake and the protocols they undertake in doing intake of a petition for an Immigrant Spouse Visa, in this case an IR-1. So it is still possible to file for these benefits although currently the pipeline if you will is a little blocked up, and that is the end of the process, the Embassy is not currently processing through cases. The process can still be initiated notwithstanding these Coronavirus issues. 

So those who are looking to bring an immigrant spouse to the United States should not be dissuaded by news of the Coronavirus and news that the Embassy has currently suspended visa application interviews. That is at the end of the process. There are many months between the initial filing and that process coming to a head so those who are looking to start the process now, should not be dissuaded by this series of events that is currently transpiring. 

So those who are interested in filing for an Immigrant Spouse Visa for the Thai spouse of an American citizen are strongly encouraged to contact a legal professional in order to understand how this process works and seek these benefits accordingly.